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2006.12.18 - 10:01 PM - A few of you gotten in touch with me to let me know that my site was hanging before displaying any content. I have narrowed the problem to Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (OS X). Since I use Firefox almost exclusively I failed to notice the issue. Anyway, until I get the kinks worked out with the new menu bar I have reverted to a text-based menu. Once again, I am sorry for the interruption and promise to test more thoroughly in the future.

Tomorrow night (2006.12.19) is the Dead End Parking and Incognito Mosquito Christmas Jam at the Double Door Inn on Independence. I made a poster (on my graphic design page) for the event and am looking forward to an evening of great music.
2006.11.19 - 10:05 PM - News: pictures of the amazing (and huge) haunted house cake that we made for Halloween. This cake was so massive that we were lucky to have Vicki's parents on the team which as it was by far the most elaborate cake we have ever made!

Sorry for the slow month but I have been very busy finishing Jared's first official album (which is almost done)! More details in the coming weeks! Also, I have three new shows in the queue that I'll probably post this week during a break from work on the Live album.
2006.10.26 - 5:01 PM - It has been a while, but I just posted a new Jared Allan & Company show on my bootlegs page. The room volume was lower than it should have been so there is background noise which can be a little annoying. Initially I was not sure whether or not I should post it but ultimately decided that some music is better than no music at all. Have a great weekend!
2006.10.22 - 6:52 PM - Briefly, I have two major announcements:

    1. New Dead End Parking show on the bootlegs page.
    2. Pictures from the Trey show in Asheville are online.
2006.10.12 - 10:07 PM - There is a new Simplified show on the bootlegs page (here). The Jared Allan & Company and Dead End Parking shows are coming soon. I going to see Trey Anastasio Sunday night in Asheville with my brother which should be fun. I'll post pictures when I get back!
2006.10.05 - 6:55 PM - I have finally created a page for the Dead End Parking EP. Feel free to take a listen and enjoy! Also, since I want it to sound as good as possible, I would appreciate any and all feedback. Love it or hate it, feel free to send me an email with your comments!

I have also posted pictures from the Simplified show featuring special guests Dead End Parking and Jared Allan & Company on the pictures page. Direct links: Simplified, Dead End Parking, Jared Allan & Company.
2006.09.29 - 12:02 AM - New cake pictures are on the cakes page. The rainbow cake was for the birthday party of Vicki's mother's first grade class. The wedding cake was the final project of the third Wilton cake decorating class.

Finally, Friday night will be an incredible show at the Visulite in Charlotte for Simplified's CD release party. Opening are Jared Allan & Co. and Dead End Parking. This is definitely a show not to be missed!
2006.09.06 - 5:40 PM - In an effort to considate some of my bootlegs across sites I have recently added the shows for my brothers band, Jared Allan & Co., to my bootlegs page. The three shows, all from 2005, include the Evening Muse, the Graduate, and the Wine Vault.
2006.09.04 - 3:42 AM - I am happy to report that after working my ass off the past several weeks the Dead End Parking studio project is almost done. There are a handful of remaining tasks but I plan to finish this week so that it can be released. As always, I will post updates here. Since this part is winding down I am looking forward to recording all the new songs that have been written since last April.
2006.08.27 - 9:55 PM - There is a new Dead End Parking show on the bootlegs page (direct link). Also, I have added pictures from a fun night at the Wine Vault with Jared Allan & Company. More good news in the days in the days to come; have a good week!
2006.08.19 - 4:18 PM - The past several days have been very hectic both at work and home. Vicki and I made two cakes in the past two days. In total, we estimate that we each spent about 10 hours on each cake for two nights. As always, pictures are on my cakes page, or directly here: Sunshine Bear Cake, Critters Cake. I also have links to the pictures of the Chips & Soda Cake I made for my mother's birthday in July. Now I am going to take a nap.
2006.08.03 - 8:14 AM - I just uploaded two new Dead End Parking posters to my design page. I am going to start working on one for Jared Allan & Co. in the next day or two and will post that one as soon as it is done.
2006.07.26 - 9:26 PM - I added a show from Dead End Parking at the WineUp from last Thursday on my bootlegs page. I have only posted the band tracks for now and will get the rest processed when I have time.
2006.07.14 - 2:28 AM - The audio from the Fourth of July Dead End Parking show has been published here! The release of this show marks the subtle first step in the creation of my new audio engine to be used in all of my sites. It was a great night and I hope everyone that was not at the Graduate has as much fun as I did!
2006.07.06 - 10:03 PM - The Fourth of July in downtown Charlotte was great. Both bands were fantastic and the Dead End Parking recording came out very well. I am working on getting it tracked and published currently and plan on having it published by the end of the weekend. The pictures from the night are here.
2006.06.21 - 10:08 AM - I have adding a few things to the site as I get time, but have not mentioned the changes on this page so i might as well catch up. For starters, I am doing some studio recording for my friends in Dead End Parking and have some pictures from the initial session here and here. Dead End Parking & Jared Allan & Co. are playing together on the Fourth of July at the uptown Graduate which is going to be a great time. I made a pair of posters for the event and added them to the new graphic design page. I hope to make more posters in the future and will post them once finished. Lastly, since I am moving this week, I had to take apart all of my legos. This time, however, I remembered to take pictures and have them here.
2006.04.30 - 10:33 PM - After an absolutely incredible mini-vacation in Atlanta with Vicki, it is finally time to get back to basics. The second set of vacation and Trey pictures are up. Have a great week!
2006.04.27 - 1:00 AM - Vicki and I went to Trey's show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta tonight.

Once again, Vicki and I went to the Trey Anastasio show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta! The show was spectacular! The band was tight, the music was fun, and I had an amazing time! My good friend Micah mentioned something about Vicki "seeing the light" with regard to this show, and the music in general; in actuality, his comment changed from a prediction into a premonition... We both loved the show and it will always stand out above the rest in my mind! I can NOT wait until the show tomorrow! Pictures...
2006.04.24 - 9:35 PM - My site hosting provider is moving out of his house so I decided to finally man-up and pay for professional hosting. Thanks Mike! The DNS changes finished earlier today and now I am up and running on the new host. All of the old links should still work but in case I missed anything, drop me an email and let me know.

Vicki and I are traveling to see Trey Anastasio at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Wednesday and Thursday night. I am ridicously excited about these concerts. I have not seen Trey since Warren Haynes' Chrismas Jam in Asheville and think the shows will be incredible. I will try to get my pictures up as soon as possible once I get back to the hotel. On Friday, we will be back in Charlotte to see Cirque du Soleil's Delirium. Vicki is definitely more excited about this show than Trey, but I am looking forward to it as well as I do not know what to expect. This is going to be a GREAT week!
2006.04.16 - 8:44 PM - For my family, Vicki and I made an Easter cake that turned out pretty well. Since The Sopranos is starting in a few minutes, I am going to keep this short and sweet.
2006.03.29 - 7:51 PM - I was in trying to hold of updating the site until after upgrading my powerbook to OSX-10.4, but decided to hold off on the backup after one of the ram chips in my powermac went bad. Since I know I can not work without at least one computer, I am going to keep the powerbook running well until after I have finished the upgrade on the other. Sorry for the delay. I have added pictures from a show in early March from Jared Allan & Company with most of the Dead End Parking guys backing as well. It was a fun night. Also, despite being very tired, I am looking forward to seeing Dead End Parking tomorrow night in Greensboro, NC at the Rhino Club. I will be recording the show as well and will be posting the show by the end of the weekend! I am glad spring is finally here and hope everyone has a great weekend!
2006.02.24 - 9:26 AM - Vicki and I have finally done enough cakes that they warrant a dedicated page. I am two episodes of 24 behind and hope to catch up either tonight or tomorrow and will update the site to reflect such. Finally, Jared and I have been finalizing the Visulite show from the Visulite in November and it sounds great. I can not wait to get it finished.
2006.02.19 - 9:36 AM - I added new pictures from the Uptown Jam a couple weeks ago. Micah, Tony, Daniel, Nate, Chris, & Clee all showed up and it was a lot of fun. Here are the pictures.
2006.01.29 - 8:14 PM - Pictures from last weekend's Visulite show are up as are those from my 3rd Annual Birthday Jam celebrating my 27th birthday! Thanks to everyone involved, including Ryan and Hillary, my cousins living in DC as it was an incredible weekend that I'll never forget!
2006.01.25 - 6:41 PM - In light of my 27th birthday, I decided to post my "Growing Up" page which includes all of my school pictures from pre-school through high school. I am not sure why I am doing this, but someone will get a kick out of it.
2006.01.15 - 10:22 PM - I'm going to start talking about the new season of 24 as soon as I can following the airing of a new episode. For the next couple of months, updates will be on my site as soon as possible following the show!
2006.01.11 - 1:10 AM - I finally have had time to finish watching the DVDs from the 4th season of 24. As nearly everyone on the planet knows, including the Chinese, Jack Bauer is the most bad-ass person ever, demonstratively the only rival to Chuck Norris! The new season (#5) premiers Sunday. I will NOT wait for those DVDs next year and will be carefully following every episode as it airs on TV!
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