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2005.11.12 - 9:19 PM - I lucked out today and got to attend an early sneak preview of the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Wow, this movie was incredible. I have a long-standing opinion of book-to-movie conversions, discussed here:
This movie was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to see it again once it opens!
2005.11.11 - 4:11 PM - I've been way too busy recently to do much to the site. I have lots of music to add, but until then, here are pictures from the Visulite last Saturday...
2005.10.20 - 1:18 AM - Jared and I went to see String Cheese Incident at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC tonight. Here are my pictures from the second row!
2005.09.22 - 4:08 AM - Added some pictures of rockets, and some pictures of Keller's incredible show! I miss my friends' live music. On the good side, I have 2nd row seats for String Cheese Incident at Oven's in Charlotte!
2005.08.17 - 8:11 PM - I finally was able to post a new bootleg from Simplified. I also put up pictures from Saturday night in Hickory with Scott Jeffrey's Band.
2005.08.06 - 12:44 AM - Over the course of the week, plenty of people mentioned the upcoming concert shared by Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire. As much as I wanted to attend this concert, I could not find anyone able to go with me, and had given up hope. At zero-hour, my mother mentioned the concert and her desire to see Chicago. With her on board, I went looking for tickets. I was very lucky to find a pair of tenth-row, center seats. Since moving to Charlotte, I have not ever been closer to the stage at Verizon Amphitheater! As I anticipated, EWF kicked a LOT of ass! The two bands started together, then EWF, followed by Chicago, and then the pair finished together. All things said, I had a great time at this concert, and hanging out with my mom was a treat.
2005.08.02 - 1:12 AM - Three words: the Herbie cake (with pictures)!
2005.07.18 - 1:29 AM - My pictures have been updated to include a very rare shared-event by Jared Allan and Scott Jeffrey's Band on the 4th of July at the Wine Vault. Special guests for the evening included Carol Anne Hartman on vocals as well as Bruce Flynn, briefly stepping in for his son, Daniel Flynn, drummer for Scott Jeffrey's Band. The evening was amazing; sad I was not able to record the experience!

I also added pictures from an acoustic performance by Scott Jeffrey's Band at Galway Hooker on July 9th. As always, plenty of friends showed up, including Vicki, to fill out the evening; definitely very fun!

Jared and I are heading to St. Louis next weekend for a cousin's wedding and will be back in time for Jared's Sunday evening show at Boardwalk Billy's. Have a great week!
2005.06.14 - 11:19 PM - I spent last weekend in Chicago with Vicki. My pictures (1, 2, 3) have been uploaded and include a lot of the stuff we did in the great state of Illinois. Do not ask about mini-golf; the fruit, however, was incredible!
2005.05.23 - 12:59 AM - Wow! I have seen the new Star Wars movie twice. Dark, evil, frightening. Even Vicki mentioned the fact that the new movie was a lot better than she anticipated! All of my Star Wars prequel predictions came true; what an amazing movie!
2005.05.19 - 1:03 AM - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - TODAY! I had an option to attend the 12:01 AM show, but declined to avoid the insanity of the nerd parade that typically accompanies these early showings. I have tickets to the 2:45 PM show this afternoon. I'm not the Jedi I should be; I want more.
2005.05.07 - 7:20 AM - Star Wars - 12 days. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy.
2005.05.04 2:23 AM - I am going to the Trey concert tonight! Thank you Fadel for the amazing last-minute hook-up! My friend Tony mentioned enjoying the show last night in Columbia, SC. Because of the obvious association with Phish, this show means a lot to me. I can not wait; I am probably overly ecstatic!! 15 DAYS UNTIL STAR WARS!!
2005.04.25 12:36 AM - Long time without conversation. Most importantly, a friend recently passed away that will be greatly missed. Otherwise, I posted a show from The Evening Muse on Jared's website as well as posting a Scott Jeffrey's Band show from the same night on my site. The Simplified music from the night will be uploaded shortly. Happy Spring.
2005.04.04 10:44 PM - Small update, just new pictures from my birthday party and Galway Hooker (thank you Somer)!
2005.03.29 1:00 AM - I have to say happy birthday to my good friends Kristen Hanson and Jeff Hartman! Big day for birthdays apparently. I had already posted an entry for the evening but do not mind adding another for these two!
2005.03.28 11:59 PM - Added pictures of Scott Jeffrey's Band and friends at Sine in Richmond and Boardwalk Billy's in Charlotte.
2005.03.17 12:04 AM - Happy birthday Vicki! Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone else. Added a new Scott Jeffrey's Band show to the bootlegs section. Lastly, saw a quote from the back of one of my live Ani Difranco shows: "Unauthorized duplication, while sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing." Very good way to look at the copyright of live music, though not the best.
2005.03.15 01:34 AM - Since Episode III of the Star Wars dual trilogy is soon to be released, I have been beside myself in anticipation. The teaser trailer and official trailer are both online, and I can not recommend enough taking the time to watch this footage. I have only one word: BADASS!!!!
2005.03.11 02:34 AM - Bootlegs are up; very good show. Only two months until the new Star Wars. Happy birthday Carol! Have a good weekend, everyone.
2005.03.08 04:59 PM - I want to congratulate Carol and Jeff on the birth of their twin boys, Kellen and Coble!
2005.03.04 02:35 AM - I have spent some time the past three evenings running. I swear I am not lying. I made a commitment to start exercising once I got an iPod Shuffle, and have decided to follow through on that promise. My high-end jukebox, an amazing piece of hardware from iRiver, is now just for recording and long-term travel. The shuffle is just amazingly light, and the incredibly dynamic nature of the shuffle has been very refreshing! Where I would always have to pack up the iRiver, the shuffle goes directly into my pocket alongside my pda and phone. Finally, while I did not want this entry to digress into a discussion of the shuffle, there is not enough praise I can lavish onto Apple for this device! While preparing my music collection for the shuffle and my Apple 2xG5 desktop, I rediscovered a great show from the String Cheese Incident that deserves mention. SCI-2005.07.04, available from the Live Cheese website, is excellent; go buy it!
2005.02.19 02:29 AM - Too busy to break away between work and life; sorry. New pictures, in order, Jared Allan, Scott Jeffrey's Band, and Simplified at the Evening Muse; my friend Shaney's birthday at Midtown; finally, SJB at Manchester Tavern.
2005.01.29 07:10 PM - Well, I went ice skating last night (Friday) and had a great time! I was very apprehensive at first, and after seeing the legions of tiny children swarming everywhere, acted outright grumpy. After getting some regular ice skates, I gave it a shot, and found it was not nearly as bad as I was fearing. While it was good that I did not fall, I was having problems because the regular skates had the brakes on the toe of the blade. While taking a break to rest my ankles, I requested a pair of hockey skates without the toe brake, which made all the difference. It was a very enjoyable time, and I only wish I would have been able to skate more before having to head home to oversee a late-night task for work. I can not wait to go again!
2005.01.25 11:07 PM - My pictures from my birthday party are up. Hope to get pictures from everyone else soon.
2005.01.21 02:01 AM - My birthday party is tonight. Scott Jeffrey's Band will be playing and my brother, Jared Allan Castagna, will be helping out. Come out to Midtown 51 around 10:00 PM to enjoy the party for those in Charlotte! Also, here are pictures from Jared's evening opening for Simplified at the Visulite.
2005.01.06 03:15 AM - Happy New Year! My pictures from West Virginia!
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