Brandon Castagna
2004.12.19 05:47 AM - Pictures from the archive, including my birthday celebration!
Brandon Castagna's 1st Annual Birthday Bash (featuring Jared Allan and Scott Jeffrey's Band) - 2004.01.23
Scott Jeffrey's Band at Galway Hooker - 2004.01.02
Scott Jeffrey's Band at Midtown 51 - 2003.12.20
Scott Jeffrey's Band at Ri-Ra - 2003.12.18
2004.12.15 00:15 AM - Added a bunch of pictures:
Scott Jeffrey's Band, G-Spot - 2004.01.16
Scott Jeffrey's Band, Virginia - March 2004
Scott Jeffrey's Band, Nodafest - 2004.06.05
Scott Jeffrey's Band, Midtown 51 - 2004.11.26
2004.12.12 11:37 PM - I went skydiving today! After I woke up at 6:00 AM, and was no longer able to snooze. I was very nervous, and eventually decided to get up and get ready to go skydiving. I left my house at 7:30 AM and headed to Concord to meet my friend, Mike, for the trip. Being an experienced skydiver, Mike has been trying to get me to commit to this endeavor for a while. After a long drive, we arrived at the Raeford Parachute Center. The morning air was crisp, but my last-minute apprehension kept me warm. After signing my life away and gearing up, I loaded into the plane. Once we hit 13,500 feet, I headed for the door. All I can say is wow, check out the pictures, I am forever a changed person!
2004.12.06 12:01 AM - Back from a trip to Florida with Scott Jeffrey's Band... Spanning six days, the trip included a college show in Palm Beach followed by three exciting nights at the Pleasure Island Jazz Company. While going on tour is always fun, this trip really truly was a blast! Check out my pictures as well as Micah and Daniel riding a mechanical bull (the videos are hysterical)!
2004.11.04 11:54 PM - I just added new pictures from an early-November evening with Scott Jeffrey's Band opening for the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd. "FREEBIRD!"
2004.10.31 10:02 PM - Happy Halloween! I added a pictures page and will be putting a lot more photos online as I take them. Music coming soon, I promise!
2004.10.14 3:10 AM - I just added a HUGE amount of stuff to the website! Sadly, the live music is still absent, but it is closer than ever. The database is configured and stable, at the moment, and the only thing holding back some amazing music from several local groups, including my brother (Jared Allan) and Scott Jeffrey's Band, is the time to migrate the show files into the Linite-Live database. The database itself is a great schema built on MySQL with which I have not hit the limit of potential! More is coming, and soon, enjoy!
2004.10.11 4:00 PM - I recently received an invitation to participate in Google's Gmail application. For those interested, I can be reached at the Gmail account, bcastagna. In addition to providing a significant amount of storage space for mail, the interface is truly an amazing means of providing an online mail application. Presently, I have several Gmail invites available to anyone interested. This service is incredible!
2004.09.02 6:25 AM - Has anyone seriously considered taking the official CPA exam without any formal study? I recently reviewed a handful of study questions and was astounded by the sheer volume of knowledge required to pass the exam. While I have little doubt I could pass all four parts of the exam with a bit of required reading, I am extraordinarily impressed with the amount of knowledge one amasses in pursuit of this prestigious certification. Wow!
2004.08.30 11:01 PM - I was running the sound board for MOB at the Store, at University Place, Charlotte, NC and discovered I was getting a wireless signal. As it turns out, the hotel across the lake has an open access point for its guests that I was able to join and get access to the Internet. So after catching up with some email, I decided to work on the website. I am currently in the process of documenting the amazing story of my recent trip to Vermont to see the last ever Phish concert. This incredible account of everything my brother and I endured for this band will be published shortly.
Finally, a free weekend! In preparation for moving in the coming weeks, I am going to spend this weekend (June 12, 2004) working to catch up with some of the projects I have been neglecting the past several months. In addition to the website, I hope to catch up on some live music processing in hopes of having a show or two online by Sunday. Wish me luck!
It has been a while, but finally my site has returned. Since I rewrote it from scratch, it has taken a bit longer than I had originally intended. As this is the initial rewrite, not everything is as it was, yet. My initial desire is to get the bootleg section working first, followed by pictures. After those deployments, I'll start to focus on adding brand new content.